What should I do in case I receive a damaged/defective or the wrong product from itwarbazar.com?

We would definitely do whatever we could in case you have got the damaged or wrong product delivered by itwarbazar.pk.

If you got a wrong or damaged product, you can simply contact us and send that back.

What is the 7 Days Replacement Guarantee?

If you got the defective/damaged or wrong product, itwarbazar.com provides you with the 7day back guarantee so you can exchange the product within seven days, but after this period we won’t be responsible for any of your loss.

How do I cancel an order on itwaarbazar.com? Also, how do I return a product ordered on itwarbazar?

Your amount can be refunded if you were to cancel your order before the shipment proceeds.

Whereas in case of abroad shipment, you can’t really cancel your order once placed.

If you cancel your order after your product has shipped, you can do one of the following:

  • You can contact your provider as soon as possible about the cancellation of the product.
  • In case you have received the product already then you won’t be able to return it, you can only exchange it if there’s any defect in the product or it’s exchanged or the wrong one where 7-Day Guarantee applies.