What are the payment methods at ItwarBazar.pk ?

The various methods for payment on this website include Credit card payment, net Banking, payment by cheque or cash on delivery, are all described in detail in the given content.


What is COD?

Basically, it’s the cash on delivery that’s abbreviated as COD. COD is basically the substitute for internet banking as if you don’t have the bank account or some other reason. Customers no longer have the need to be worried about their transaction security or other online frauds, this is the only best option you have if you don’t have the credit card.

How does COD work?

  • There’s no as such rocket science involved in ordering products online by this method, you just need to click on cash on delivery option, and you’re done.
  • Once the products are shipped, you will only be asked to pay the cash to the delivery man, once you get the courier in your hands.

Why should I use COD?

COD gives you assurity that your money hasn’t been wasted; you’ll only pay the cash once you get the products and also you won’t have to wait for it after you pay. 

Where is COD available?                                                          

Well, pretty much all the countries across Pakistan are offering this service.

Terms & Conditions

  • cash on delivery method has a limit that your order price should not exceed Rs. 100, 000 unless it doesn’t get delivered.

BlueSnap (Currently Not Available)

What is BlueSnap?

BlueSnap is an online transaction service where you can use your credit which has visa or MasterCard service to purchase products directly from our website.

You can also purchase items directly from our website via BlueSnap, which is an online transaction service that uses visa or MasterCard service.

Do I need to be a BlueSnap member in order to purchase online?

Possibly No. online purchasing doesn’t require you to be a BlueSnap member.

Once you click on Credit card payment method while ordering, it will take you to page showing billing details.

you’ll be needed to Click on the link given below “Continue” so that you can continue to the form where you will be asked to enter the credit card details without even creating a BlueSnap account.

UBL NETBANKING (Currently Not Available)

What is Net Banking?

It’s online shopping and payment via UBL (United Bank Limited) Net banking quite smoothly and securely. Now customers can make their payments for the purchases from their UBL Bank Accounts.

How can I use Net Banking?

  •  UBL net banking account needs to be logged in.
  • On the top of the page, you’ll see the menubar, from there click Pay Bills & Prepaid-the first page appeared when you first logged into your account.
  •  Merchandiser pre-added entry will be seen listed under the tab named as “Online Shopping.”
  •  To pay the Merchant, press the “Pay” button.
  •  Select the account you want to send payment from
  •  Enter the Amount you want to send.
  •  The Merchant will provide you with an order number; you need to enter that number in the field of the Reference number.
  •  Click on the Submit button.
  •  To verify the transaction, enter down the pin.
  •  The details will be conveyed to Merchant via communication, Once the transaction gets confirmed. for delivery of Goods/Services