Terms Of Use

Several services are provided to the customers by itwarbazar.pk according to an agreement containing some conditions. Furthermore, To use any of the service available at itwarbazar.pk, you will see the policies, terms, conditions and rules while using the website.

ItwarBazar.pk has this right to make changes in these terms and conditions and the site anytime they fell the need to do so. Anyone detected to violate the rules and regulation as set by ItwarBazar.pk can get suspended from having the website access.

For the children under 14 requires to use this website ItwarBazar.pk in the monitoring of their parent or guardian. Before proceeding on this website, you need to know that any activity of yours as browsing or using the website is an indication to be agreeing on all these TERMS AND CONDITIONS stated.

Contents Posted on Site

Any content provided by you on ItwarBazar.pk as sharing your emails, any messages, notes, ideas or any other sort of material shall become the sole property of this site and it means that you agree to this that ItwarBazar.pk can use any sort of content that you use on this website, and that will be kept secure as our rules of conduct and privacy policy is already mentioned above.

Rules of Conduct On-Site

  1. Any copyrighted content, or any such exclusive data without having the earlier composed assent of such proprietary rights is strictly prohibited from getting posted.
  2. Any slang, foul or abusive language used on the website which might be offensive to others or illegal or inappropriate will be reviewed by ItwarBazar.pk, and the website has this right to mould, edit, reject or delete that post and the person who posted such content might get blocked from the website.
  3. Even if you’re trying to be funny or sarcastic, in any case, you may not post the content.
  4. ItwarBazar.pk has every right to claim the loss and take necessary action if required for anyone who violates the rules.
  5. Privacy

You can find this on ItwarBazar.pk/privacy policy section that how this website is governed by our privacy policy.


  1. Declaration of providing all the legal details that would be required to deliver the product to you at your given destination.
  2. Declaration of using this product for your use and not for selling, reselling, exchanging or disposal for any sort of profit.

Disclaimer Of Warranties And Liability

The information presented on ItwarBazar.pk may contain technical errors or some printing mistakes. The website owner shall not be held responsible for any such inaccuracies Information on this website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and does not guarantee the completeness of any information like text, graphics or links in this website.

Any sort of advice or information given by the website owner does not mean that it’s a guarantee.


No other form of currency would be accepted by ItwarBazar.pk other than Pakistani rupee. Any sort of payment on ItwarBazar.pk should be made in Pakistani Rupee, and that must be acceptable by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Applicable Law

This Agreement is made by and interpreted according to the laws of Pakistan. And construed per the laws of Pakistan. Lahore shall be the place of jurisdiction.

Jurisdictional Issues/Sale in Pakistan Only

Any contents or products provided on twarBazar.pk is made only for selling in Pakistan. If you’re living in a country other than Pakistan and you still have access to this website, and you want to order anything from this website to your location other than Pakistan so you will be responsible for the expenses and ItwarBazar.pk shall not be held responsible for refunding or exchanging goods in foreign countries.

Trademark, Copyright and Restriction

Itwarbazar.pk handles their website all on their own; there’s only the trusted team of ItwarBazar.pk which is operating this website. So any material and information present on this site, which includes images, graphics are protected by trademarks and all such content is protected by use and this material available on ItwarBazar.pk is only for your personal use which must be non-commercial. You shall not copy, paste or steal any sort of stuff provided on this website by any means.

Copyright complaint

Our team of Itwarbazar.pk respect your privacy and the intellectual property of others so if you ever feel like your work has been copied so you can feel free to contact us our website.

Product Description

Itwarbazar.pk tries it’s best to provide you with the most authentic information on their website but still for any errors, inaccuracy, incompleteness, unreliability in the product description on this site, ItwarBazar.pk shall not be held responsible for that. However, if you got the product from ItwarBazar.pk which is not as it was described, you can simply return it in the unused condition.

Pricing/Typographical error

Prices written below the products are always accurate and is written as it is. However, there can be any technical issue or error or any typographical mistake due to which the price isn’t the same and could be varying. ItwarBazr.pk always tries their best to provide you accurate information of the product, but in case you come to any such issue, you can contact us in 48 hours so we can resolve your issue b replacing your order or any other means. It will be the responsibility of ItwarBazar.pk to return you the difference amount within 10-15 working days. Whereas the refunding will be done in the same way as it was being selected at the time of placing the order. Whereas Cheques will be provided on Cash on delivery refunds.

7 Days Replacement Guarantee

You can replace any product ordered on ItwarBazar.pk withing seven days of Delivery. That means keeping in the following term and conditions you can get your order replaced within seven days.

1    Replacement can be made in case you have got the defected or damaged product, and you will be replaced with same product on no new extra delivery charges.

2   You can only ask for the replacement of products that are sold by ItwarBazar.pk

Cancellation of order

Your order can get cancelled any time by ItwarBazar.pk without even providing the explanation to do so. This usually happens when ItwarBazar.pk runs out of the inventory or the product isn’t available for any reason. However, ItwarBazar.pk ensures you to let you know about the cancellation through the contact information you have provided before cancelling the order.